Services and Programs

Breakfast Club Support Group is an informal on-going support group available to the families and primary caregivers of those affected with a long-term mental illness.

Support Group meets Wednesday nights at the Jaycee's Hall (285 Campbell St. in Newcastle) at 6:30 PM for people living with a mental health concern.

J. Dean McAllister Memorial Bursary is awarded annually to a high school graduate pursuing a career in one of the Social Sciences. Applications must be received on or before May 20th.

ACHIEVES - Literacy & Numeracy is an Educational Program specifically tailored for persons who have experienced a mental health/addiction disorder and are now coping well enough to try a new challenge through learning skills or upgrading skills lost through trauma.

ACHIEVES - Transition-to-work is a valuable tool in teaching employment skills to those recovering from a mental illness/addiction. Our mission is to provide support and training in the participant’s journey to gaining meaningful employment and achieving self-sufficiency.

Strengthening Families Together is a 10 session program designed to provide education, skill-building, and support for families with a loved one who is experiencing psychotic illness. It is meant to compliment - not replace - early psychosis intervention treatment.

Your Recovery Journey Your Recovery Journey is based on the experiences of people who have a mental illness and who know there is hope, who are well and doing the things they want with their lives. The program offers five free interactive weekly sessions, each ninety minutes long, and all facilitated by people in recovery who can give you valuable information that will help you on your recovery journey. You'll also learn how to find peer support and build new life skills. The program is designed for any person with mental illness who would like to find support and explore different aspects of recovery. Using a variety of formats, including presentations, interactive exercises, and structured activities, the program guides participants towards their goals of establishing and maintaining wellness.